Musical Endeavors for Social Change

An alleyway in the heart of Cuneo, or Innsbruck, or Milan, its a blur sorry. f/8 50mm 1.14 broken lens; broken Minolta SRT 202.

I believe it important to pursue a just and fair course in regards to advocating for others.  I wish to make music, and record things that can be used positively for bettering our tiny little sphere.

*I soon plan to finish a few multimedia film projects to enlighten our community on certain issues of the utmost moment. I plan to record all of the ADR, and Score the films I make with original Music and Sound Design.

I will however, start off by sharing this creative braintrust, composed by myself and two other sterling gentlemen.



Album: WORSHIP WARSHIP DEMO (copyright 2016)

Steve Mongrain: Bass

Dylan Strazar: Percussion/Vocals/Lyrics

JPH Vargas: Guitar/Vocals/Lyrics

This music is quite basic and simple it lives up to the concept of unrefined work and “art-brut.”  Every song was recorded live, except for a few overdubs.  Mixing was kept at a minimum, and it is sparse, loud, bare, and unmanageable at some points. However there is a tempo or key change in each piece and it takes a little listening to get used to, and it keeps one on his or her, or thier, toes.  Its not too bad for an 8 hour recording session and 8 hours mixing and mastering.

If anyone can find a use for this music that can be of any benefit to a marginalized population or if one wishes to use it in a manner that can benefit the poor, strange, lonely, or help anyone in any capacity please advise me FIRST to do so.

  • If any person would wish to use this music to build awareness for social issues.
  • If any song can be used in another ceative project that espouses community building and is not-for-profit.
  • If anyone wishes to empower another using any song from this humble list, and use it in a multimedia capacity that is not-for-profit.

La MSV wishes to engage in Arts for Social Change

If not just enjoy these songs if you so wish, if not, pay this page little regard.

*Also there is very “loose” language in some pieces, chalked up to a certain emotional state of affairs while composing the lyrics.  There are quite a few “salty” moments in some movements of the work.  Its our free expression, I believe that is how we are doing things. I am of the thought, that the complete sanitization of any form expression is not realistic.


“Jupiter is Out”

“Gropo the man who lives in the leafy part of the tree.”


“Lucy Lipped Jenny”


“Rising Fast”

“Funky Soul Shakedown Woman”


“Mafusa Reprise Outro”

“So Fine”

“Samba De Vargas”

Here are some “B” Sides Lyrics Courtesy of John. R. Deigenova

“Run Like Hell”

“Run Like Hell Reprise”

Thank You All for listening.  If you enjoyed any of this please advise and let me know.


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