Archived Print Copy: Clips and Features.

This exposure was realized at a shutter speed of 1 second, ISO 400 fuji-Neopan, f/22 on a second-hand Tokina wide-angle zoom 28-70mm.  I metered off of the overcast sky, recomposed and released the shutter, tripod assisted.  My field notes from that roll of film state: “Milan Center, pissing off asian tourists, smiled at beautiful woman through window.”  I have no working recollection of that.  I started adding a thin glaze of vaseline to some lenses to “un-sharpen” the image, since some lenses weren’t broken.


Archival Print Copy; Feature Articles From Years Ago.

As I have stated before on this personal vehicle, this website, this meandering multimedia platform of mine, that I have a general and whole disagreement with the media. Mainly the power it possesses and how it is misused on many an occasion, and how it can wrongly influence the population, or be used as a tool for oppression.  I can think of a few outlets in the United States that practice biased journalism, more than a few.  To me any position other than objective and unbiased is unacceptable.  A basic feature or story should have more than one point of view, and more than three sources.  It should be laconic and written in AP format so the editor can cut off the filler from the bottom to fit the copy neatly onto a page.  I disregard any form of media with an agenda.  I have an agenda.  I should state that.  I want people to be aware of issues that may or may not affect them in any way, but I wish to be able to build those very important frameworks for telling a story. My agenda is personal growth, and good storytelling.

I am including a few feature stories I written, both currently and some from a few years ago, mostly because I liked the story. Feel free to pop-up the PDF and take a read.  The style of the writing has changed over the years, its become more self-reflective and developed a different voice.  However I wish to show that I have always told stories and written features that may not have been breaking news, or anything that changed the world; yet they were stories of people doing regular things like me or you, or whoever reads this: The minutiae of the commonplace hero.

In all honesty I was a child when I wrote some of these.  I would just like to show that I have been active in media for almost 15 years of my 33 on earth.   Not impressive media in any way, but none the less, one could say that this is a decent and extremely humble, mom-and-pop, dime store newspaper portfolio.

PDF Old Print Copy.




Mr. Gym





I’ve chosen the most flawed and rushed examples of only a fraction of my published feature writing.  Purposely, I might add, only for the fact that If I am ever hired for a publication, the improvement would be radical from the expectations they may have from these articles: (That’s my game theory, keep that between you and me.)

Please advise if you would wish to ever discuss media practices, feature writing, or awareness building.  I am always willing to have a conversation. Thank you