JP Hugo Vargas holds a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Literature with a concentration in Darkroom Photography. He has earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching English and Linguistics, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation Across Cultures.

He focuses on odd/off photographic compositions and alternative process printing, using metals, egg washes, Xerox machines and gums. He has based portfolios in “Ratios in Visual Space,” as well as using natural ratios in his composition of music and in his work in authoring novels, letters, and newspaper features.

He has cursed through as many graduate courses as money allowed; from Latin American studies, to philosophy, human development, theology, world systems theory, counseling, psychology, and informal logic and argumentation.  He graduated from School for International Training, where he studied Applied Linguistics, Teaching, Peace-building, and Conflict Transformation across cultures.

JP is a true autodidact, finding great value in the Dewey system of philosophical education, as well as being a great admirer of Dr. Mortimer Adler’s holistic curricula on critical thinking and life long reading. 

He has authored two novels that need a home, “St. Lazarus the Pernicious and the Excommunicated Few,” and “The Place of the White Dog.” He has worked his fair share for pocket change and  “tobacco and whiskey cash,” at almost every newspaper in CT as a feature writer.

JP is an accomplished musician, guitar player, and sound engineer.  He expresses music alone, as well as with the band “La MSV. ” He holds a professional certificate in audio production.

One overarching goal is to affect change in others and to coalesce and crystallize human emotion and experience in every format he is gifted with working in; especially music, darkroom developing and printing film, sound design and music composition as well as feature journalism and creative writing.

He is currently working towards finding a safe space for people to work through trauma using dialog, creativity, music, all healthy arts, and most importantly: honesty.  He hopes to successfully accomplish this goal with empathy, compassion, hard creative work, and understanding.

He is employed currently as an Instructor in the School of Applied Liberal Arts and Sciences at a small CT University, bounded among the suburban sprawling hills of central Connecticut along the loamy shores and sandy embankments of that great New England river.

Jean-Pierre has spent the majority of his developing adult years traveling and working to ameliorate conflict and violence around the world. His studies and work have taken him to Western and Central Europe, Central and Eastern Africa, and South America. He is Argentine-American, and has maintained and fostered close connections to the Latin and Afro-Latin communities in Hartford county. He is 37 years old.

He enjoys weeks alone in the woods, camping and living minimally, fishing and sleeping under the stars in introspection and solitude as much as he is able.  He has been known, by those close to him, to disappear for many years at a time, without trace or reason.

Depending on the scope of his storytelling, and whiskey intake, he may consider himself a legendary adventurer.  He has however smuggled audio equipment into US embargoed countries, helped build community radio stations, narrowly escaped dictatorial governmental inquires in odd places, and has a 5-0 unbeaten armwrestling record against Nigerian and Sudanese pimps. He traipses through life’s dangerous situations with the grace of a thunderstorm.