Horrifying Rough Draft Feedback.

I am posting this into the ether since I have no blog subscribers.

I have sent out an incredibly rough and very unedited draft of some select parts of my current novel for help, since they trouble me to no end.

The feedback has been peppered with language like: “Unreadable,” “Nonsense,” “You have wasted 20 minutes of my day.” “Your voice is cloudy, your metaphors absurd.”

So I am taking a different approach and I will spin this “abortion,” as it was called by a very honest, I would say too honest reviewer, into a completely different direction.

I will continue writing my novel with even more fervor and give it more importance, hopefully staying true to my voice, since it is the only one I have.  I do not seek any glory or fame, and I should never have shared such a rough section, but I take this responsibility of writing the best I can only for myself.

I consider it an act of filial piety for humanity to write the worst novel ever written so nobody has to ever again.

Cheers and Warm Regards,


JPH Vargas

Horrifying Rough Draft Feedback.

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