Thursday March 30th 2017

To whomever finds themselves accidentally at this page, I have not posted in months because I find myself writing a uniquely voiced novel.  It will be the type of manuscript that is either loved or held in disdain.  In all reality I do not expect any marvel or fortune, or fame or glory from this book, personally I find writers and artists who chase paper without considering others a cruelty.  I care everyday less and less what others may think or say about my talents, gifts and even myself.  I write simply because it satisfies the lack of available conversations that I wish to have with others.  I do not consider myself a writer, or an artist, or anything but a human being who wishes the best for others.  The only dream I hold for my manuscript is that hopefully it would add weight to my resume and allow me to have conversations regarding human welfare, peace building, and equality.  One more thing I wish would be a contract, humble of course since I am a man of very little wants and needs, but a contract none the less to write a book a year.

When I settle the work that I am currently engaged in, I will add a page to this blog showcasing hand developed color and black and white film photography.  I have engaged myself as a photographer seriously for many years.

I would like to self publish a short book showing the photographs including short narratives in a large format and dedicate those earnings to charities and causes that matter to me.

Please be kind to each other, and do incredible things.

Your Internet Friend,

JPH Vargas

Thursday March 30th 2017

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