I am not American, I have grown up a Connecticut Yankee, educated mostly in liberal Vermont, I was lucky enough to have parents of little means to work three jobs and place me at an exceptional Prep High School in my younger years, besides coursing various classes at a graduate level that interest me.  I pursue knowledge.  As a generation 1.5 I do not belong to either Argentina, or the United States, and I do not write that American bark, “writing to the bone” like Twain, Abraham Lincoln, and other American writers.

I do however have a very studied knowledge of the classics and a unique voice that has been shaped by my experience.  Current feedback from 4 sample paragraphs suggests that most readers would be turned off from the deictic language in my manuscript.  I must say however as a linguist and adjunct professor at a small CT college, that I will stay true to my unique way of thought, which may seem un translatable or dense, only because it is all I know and who I am.  I must hold myself to honesty when it comes to what I do.

I hope to finish soon, I am halfway through a very rough draft, only getting words onto a page.  I hope that the work will offer some people who may enjoy it something to chat about, I also hope that one person finds it beautiful.  Even one human enjoying it would satisfy my meager ego.

Cheers and Warm Regards

JPH Vargas


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