Hidden Garden, Eze France
Every image was taken with a 1982 Minolta SRT-202, using a broken Rokkor 1.14 50mm lens, only functional from apertures f/8-f/22.  This is what I consider unrefined “art-brut.”  All images have been hand developed.  No photoshop has been used.  This is Eze France on a cold and rainy November day.

Jean-Pierre Hugo Vargas is an experienced multimedia freelance journalist; writer; photographer; documentarian; thinker; auto didactic learner; M.A. TESOL educator; and Conflict Transformation specialist. He focuses his work on building awareness regarding the social issues surrounding the myriad vulnerable populations in the cities and towns that make up the Northeastern United States.  He approaches each project, be it curriculum design, education, content for magazines and websites, video projects, photography and art with a compassion and grace that leads to a humble, selfless and completely unbiased style of ethnography.  He has, in the past, documented through audio recordings the Criollo Folklore music of small town Argentina; and researched through the personal narrative form the stories of survivors and perpetrators, of the genocide in Rwanda. As well as regularly contributing his thoughts to nickel and dime print outlets in Connecticut he has had a few very, very, humble sojourns into academia. He has also taught refugee and asylum seekers relocated from conflict zones, and built International relationships with organizations that promote selflessness and Peace Building throughout our world.

He is certified through trade school in Audio Production and Sound Recording, he holds a B.A. in Literature as well as Photography, and holds an M.A. in TESOL focusing  on Applied Linguistics, he has earned a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation Across Cultures, and a Professional Certificate in Peace Building.  He mostly views his tangential and meandering projects as a way to educate others on the issues surrounding our neighbors, friends, and even those we find complicated and distasteful: Everyone has a voice, even those we disagree with.  There are many voices that need to be heard from many different angles and sides, and contemplation and introspection are fleeting in our time and generation of mistrust and speculation.  He approaches each project with care and sensitivity, albeit unbiased, and free, since he disregards the traditional agendas of major media.

Please enjoy a short trip through his ideas, which may be so commonplace that they seem unimpressive, almost bordering upon the absurd; as he writes about his pathos of actuality, and tries to convey the idiosyncrasies of our shared humanity in his own simple way and unique language.

If you wish to have, or even think about entertaining a dialog, please send a query or comment.  It is always good to receive and exchange ideas that matter, or don’t matter, or even seem trivial, every thread is important in some way. The smallest interaction can lead to great moments.

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